What to Expect During a Session

First and foremost I want you to feel safe and trusting. Our mindful yoga therapy session starts with my belief that you are innately whole, not broken and interconnected with all of life! You will be met right where you are in terms of physical ability, pain, stress, or any other symptom that surfaces. Our first session will last approximately 90 minutes and will include a review of your completed health information form and a variety of assessments. 


The importance of maintaining a mindful approach to the client includes an emphasis on listening wholeheartedly without judgment.  Creating an atmosphere of safety and compassion is of utmost importance and key to fostering healing. As a practitioner, I am deeply listening and observing as I guide you toward your own mindful self awareness, inner wisdom, and healing.


In this personalized, one to one approach you will experience a range of yoga practices designed specifically to address your current and changing symptoms. I will use different metrics to measure current status and to gauge progress. Practices may include a combination of mindful movement, breathing, yoga philosophy/lifestyle, meditation, mudra and mantra if appropriate. 


You will practice the customized program at home for a specified period and will be reevaluated to assess progress and make modifications.  Clients will typically commit to six one-hour sessions as a starting point but needs will vary.