What is iRest/Yoga Nidra?


Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself, your body, have sleep difficulty, chronic pain, or simply an overly active mind? iRest can help! In this group or private meditation, you are invited to lay down comfortably and enter a receptive state connecting with your inner wisdom, innate calm, restoring your understanding of who you really are. Learn to feel what is right with you rather than what is wrong. Unhealthy patterns, self limiting beliefs and stress is stored in the body and iRest helps us break free from this conditioning and live with contentment and ease. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.


iRest is an integrative meditation practice and an adaptation of Yoga Nidra developed by Richard Miller.  iRest is a guided form of mindfulness training wherein the mind regains its natural ability to remain undistracted and focused. It is integrative because through daily life you will begin to skillfully and constructively respond to whatever challenges or discomforts come up. The present centered aspect of the brain lights up and our self narrative decreases allowing creativity and insight to blossom. This is an evidence based practice that has proven benefits for those with insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain and anyone who simply wants to connect with feeling truly present. iRest is a complimentary adjunctive medical (CAM) approach that works in conjunction with any medical regimen or drug-based pain-management system.


It is simple to learn and easy to practice. To learn more about research and origins of iRest: www.irest.us.