Embodied Movement & Meditation

Embodied Movement & Meditation

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Sunday November 18th @ 10 - 11:45 am

Embodied movement or body sensing movement is a profound way to experience the body and breath. Think of it as meditation in movement as you release preconditioned patterns and notions of what your are supposed to feel and dive into pure sensory experiencing. We use the body as an entry point for embracing the fullness of our humanness and wholeness. When we can let go and savor the moment, we begin to feel ourselves as expansive, interconnected, whole beings. 

You will be invited into less thinking and more feeling as you embody various poses that may or may not resemble yoga. As you follow the felt sense of your own internal guidance, your capacity to feel the inherent vibration and aliveness within will be enhanced and nourished. This ability to sense from within is known as interoception.  

As we deeply sense more interior sensations, we awaken subtler neural circuitry and strengthen positive aspects of self awareness. We then deepen our understanding of our Essential Nature as timeless, whole, interconnected beings.

This workshop is an invitation to have a direct experience of your True Nature as freedom, peace, ease, unconditional kindness and even joy! Natural qualities that shine out of your stillness and presence. 

Please bring a mat and a blanket for comfort during the final iRest meditation.

The Healing Collective. 500 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #215, Manhattan Beach, CA